Diagnosis of Headache Disorders

Headache disorders are divided into two different types called primary and secondary. Primary headaches are the types that occur for no obvious reasons. Tension-type headaches and migraines are the most well known in this category but there are several others. Secondary headaches are the ones that are caused by another condition, such as aneurysms, inflammatory disease, meningitis, etc. At the Advanced Headache and NeuroCare Clinic, Dr. Masood will carefully listen and examine you so that the proper diagnosis is determined. There may be additional testing that will be required including blood tests, brain scans, and, on rare occasions, a spinal tap.

Management of Headache Disorders

At the Advanced Headache and NeuroCare Clinic, we recognize that because no two people are alike, there is no such thing as a single approach to managing a particular headache disorder. The treatment is tailored to both your needs and treatment preferences. Conservative approaches may include biofeedback therapy, trigger point massages, non weight-bearing exercises, and medication management. More advanced approaches include Botox injections, peripheral nerve blocks, and occipital nerve stimulation. Dr. Masood is the only neurologist in the Hinsdale, La Grange, and Downers Grove area with experience in these advanced techniques used in headache management.